New Adventures

June 3, 2015by Dave ArmstrongThoughts


As my time on the bank is a little less now then in previous years due to family commitments, i’ve decided to take the year out or my normal approach and try something new. I normally find a venue and learn it inside out, find all the strange little idiosyncratic behaviours developing my skills and approach and then move on to a new challenge. This month however I have got my hands on a very exciting club card that opens the door to over 30 new venues consisting from the smallest farmers ponds through to huge 33 acre Cheshire meres… and throw in a few intimate canal and rivers plus not to forget the powerful river seven the options are endless. The Lymm Card really is exciting and to be honest a little daunting to start with.

I have spent the last 2 weeks exploring over 15 waters without wetting a line to try and get my head around where to start. The card has many specimen lakes that I fancy having ago match style… not for the 30lb carp but chase the dream of a double figure Tench or Bream. I’m not sure how that will go down with the bivvy folks but gotta be there to catch and all that jazz. Almost every water I have had the pleasure to visit has its own characteristics and seem a great place to spend a few hours.

So whats the plan?

I’m going to work my way through as many of the waters as possible this year, see how the ground feels and pick the brains of the locals to get an idea what that particular water offers, then next year operation “littlest hobo”. I in-vision a 3 spoke campaign. Like the littlest hobo I will spend as much time in one place thats needed before moving on. I’ll have a target for early in the year, maybe a pb roach or to just catch on a particular venue. Come summer a new target and finish the year on a last quest.

Well thats the plan anyway. Fingers crossed.