November Update

December 2, 2014by Dave ArmstrongThoughts


So its been a while since i’ve posted on my blog and there are a few reasons for that.

The first reason is time, it’s been a very busy few weeks/couple of months both on and off the bank. A few changes at work and the anticipation of the impending birth of my first child in the very near future has meant priorities change. That said, I have managed a few hours here, a few hours there and before I knew it we are a couple of weeks from Christmas, my favourite time of the year to be on the bank but with time sparse I have to make the most of it. My time has been allocated to family and my spare time is on the bank not in-front of the computer.

So back to the fishing, back to the bank; back to the cold crisp weather; fog rolling across the countryside; mist rising of the clear water; the dark mornings with multi-colour skies; the multi layers of clothes; the scaling back on both feeding and changing the way I think about my fishing. I absolutely love it! I love working hard and being awarded with the bite. I love having more of the water to myself while other anglers are sat in-front of a roaring fire. I love the scenery; I love the peacefulness of the whole aesthetics of a cold winters day.

I’ve spent about 90% of my fishing time on the River Weaver. I’ve been doing ok all in. Catching good nets of roach and perch on the pole on new (to me) stretches. I’ve had some slow days pinging a feeder or bomb looking for a larger fish or two. I’ve broke no records, I’ve not really done anything special but what I have done is managed to enjoy myself each and every time I’ve set foot on the waters edge. What I’ve also done is got the bit between my teeth. I’ve found 2 huge waters that are so picturesque it’s pulling me away from my river fishing. December is not really an ideal time to start to fish a new water but i’m going for it. I’m going to spend the time on this stunning sheet of countryside and learn what is on offer. I’m going to start looking for bites. Getting an idea of what depths I have. How the bottom lies, find some feature be it visible or under the water. My plans may be put on hold should my little one appear but as it stands if I get the chance i’m now going to target this possible dream maker.

On another note, i’ve had a few pleasing emails from a number of anglers and thank you so much for the kind words. Ok, so thats pretty much where i’m at and should I get chance to wet a line or two i’ll keep you posted. Feel free to check the images out above to see where I have been wetting my line.