August 20, 2014by Dave ArmstrongFishingThoughts

Well, don’t you just hate it when that happens. I had a game plan, a method, bait ready, the water chosen and a peg in mind. Then to turn up to have it all crushed. My syndicate isn’t a huge sheet of water and I knew I was out of luck when the car park was full. From my car I could see each angler had at least 3 lines out and the lake looked as though Spiderman should be perched in a tree over the top proud of the web of thick line spanning the whole venue.

As I began the drive back I was really in two minds wether to just go home and crack on with some freelance work but no. I’ve not been out for over a month due to a holiday of a life time and work commitments so I was staying out if I liked it or not.

Pulling up to my normal busy club water I was shocked to see I was the only car on the 70 peg lake. My initial plan of fishing the margins with meat for lumps was now back on as I had the lake to myself. Setting up to the banging sounds of Creamfields festival I soon remembered my time spent their a few years back and a cheeky smile grew onto my face, how times change…

Assessing the situation my plan changed. My meat went through the meat cutter and I was soon fishing up in the water at distance. After the first hour of fishing I felt something that I hadn’t felt in a long time, a little boredom. No matter what I did I caught. I even dropped my rig in at the end of my rod when I sat back to think about how to change my feed structure and bang, another stocky common. I like pitting my wits and fighting for each bite and this is just daft. I was catching carp and f1’s from 1lb to 5lb and if the truth be told, didn’t really enjoy myself. This worried me. Last time this happened I was about 18 – 20 and I walked away from my club water that I had fished since I was 12 and the sport for a few months. The pull to the waters edge was soon gripping me again but this time I had a goal, just fish the ‘back then’ hard Leeds to Liverpool. Homing my skills and learning how to fish the canal was the most exciting and enjoyable time in my fishing I believe. Catching nets of bream after adapting tackle and feeding, targeting nets of roach and larger fish to over a pound and big perch on the canal was like catching a 20lb carp on the club lake. (That said I never did manage the 20 pounder haha).

So where does this leave me? Well… the resolution has been made and this is the plan. I now live in Cheshire, close to the Welsh boarder. I have 2 canals to target which yes I would enjoy but then I took this up a level. The River Dee, the River Weaver and the River Dane are all within 30 minutes drive and this has got me excited and nervous as I’ve not fished a river seriously before. I have joined Northwich Anglers Association so have rights to fish the Weaver and this is where i’m starting. I have tried to get some local knowledge to find the swims to look out for without much joy but I have faith I can work this out as long as I can find the carpark haha. Plan is simple. Pole and tip fish the Weaver for bags of roach and hopefully bream. Teach myself the art of trotting on the Dane then once I’m comfortable with both combine it all on the Dee.

Its been a long time since I’ve been this excited about my fishing and can’t wait to begin the learning curve. I’m going to do a few sessions back to back to find my feet so the blog may go quite and i’ll do longer, in-depth posts of a few visits in one go. That said I may go the complete opposite direction and do a few shorter posts as I do my sessions.

Wish me luck folks.