The River Weaver

September 5, 2014by Dave ArmstrongFishingNew Venues

As the heavens opened and my float slid under I couldn’t help but smile to myself knowing that I have done something right. The River Weaver in many peoples eye’s isn’t “a real river” but an over grown canal. That said, I have to start somewhere and I can honestly say that the swim I had found was one of the most pleasant i’ve been in for a very long time.

My fishing has now changed, for the foreseeable future at least. The local pits, ponds, lakes and syndicates can tick on without me, the challenge I have set myself is where I want to be. Become comfortable at reading rivers and catching fish. Simple hay? This is why I have chosen to start here, the Northwich sections of the Weaver. Its more akin to what i’m use to but also a step up. I also didn’t realise what a stunning venue this actually is.

The better half and I spent a few hours last week just walking the length of the river and this served a few purposes. 1. Get my head in gear as to where to park, what to expect and general layout of the swims. 2. Get the old ticker pounding to get going.

Friday found me stealing a few hours after work. The water was pulling through a little bit and I thought I would start on a simple feeder setup. Groundbait wise was a mix of Supercup and brown crumb 50/50. Of course all ran through the riddle. I then added a couple of handfuls of 2mm feed pellets that I had already soaked for 2 minutes. Firing out a bomb I was shocked at how deep it seemed to be. I guess it was about 10foot keeping count of the time the bomb took to hit the deck. I then upped the size of my feeder to cope with this. Plugging one end with the groundbait, scooped caster and hemp and plugged the other end and within a minute I was fishing.

Now the learning curve. I have seen on other rivers when driving around the country all the tips are up high and I get why. Keep the line of the surface and as much line out of the current as possible. Keep a little bow to aid registration and presentation but I didn’t need to here. It was pulling through more then anything I have fished in before but wasn’t ripping through like I would imagine other rivers do. So the rod re-angled and acting what I would deem ‘normal’ I relaxed a little.

I left the feeder in for around 5 – 10 minutes each cast before I retrieved and re-cast. This was to get bait in the area. I forgot to mention that I started out with 5 quick feeder fulls to kick things off. My casters where getting crushed but I wasn’t seeing a thing so spent the evening chopping and changing. I eventually changed my hook length down to 1.7lb and much longer to around 2 foot and a larger hook of 18. I also changed my feeder to fish less caster in the mix and more hemp. The result was lots of small roach and a happy Dave.

Tomorrow I will move swims and change method. I want to start to understand for myself the depth and also more importantly the speed and power of the current and I will do this fishing a pole line.

As I started of by saying, the rain was coming down really heavily and the swims I had pictured myself fishing had a face on wind. This is a pleasure session and a learning adventure so I want to be comfortable, a change of peg was needed. I drove a couple of miles up stream and found a stunning location that was protected from the elements.

Brolly up, ground bait mixed and everything ready I set up a rig. I started of by fishing a light (for the conditions) Tipo .5g pattern. Set to four section of my pole through to lightly set light blue hydro. This should be soft enough for the roach and hopefully skimmer that i’m looking for but have enough backbone should a bonus surprise shows up.

Depth set to an inch over I soon took the rig off and upped to a .8g version as my presentation was all over the shop. This was still a little light in hindsight but it made me work and it worked for me.

A lovely net of roach to 5oz was had, a bonus skimmer to a pound and I lost a 3 pound plus bream at the net. This was by the way an absolutely disgraceful attempt at netting on my behalf. I bow my head in shame.

I filmed a skimmer I was putting back as they where acting strange. I put it back in after unhooking and the first time it jumped straight back out and hit my foot. I thought nothing of it. Second time it did it again then appeared in a little pool by my foot like it didn’t want to say good bye. So I thought I would try and capture it on film as it was peculiar then the obvious reason the appeared. A fame crazy pike almost took my hand off! It turned out that I had two under foot. One was about 3lb and the other around 8 at a guess.

Lessons learned:

Through my experience fishing paste I feel my float shape could do with being looked at. Maybe look at a large pencil style pattern. Keep resistance down.

On the day today the rig going through at the same pace produced roach. When I slowed it down to even static over the baited area I hit the skimmers and a bream. It was hard with the weight of float I had chosen so i’m upping this.

Softer elastic may help with bouncing roach off. EDIT I’ve found to soft elastic hinders connecting to the bite in the deep water. My perfect balance seems to be either double 5 or pink hydro.

Baiting… Well I think this is going to be my biggest changed. Pace and depth I need a heavier mix. I’m going to go old school next week and fix a lean based mix. Less fizz and heavier to get down and stay down.

The bloody pike are mental!!!! I’m not sure how to stop this, may need to catch one but I don’t know.

Loving my fishing.